Whelen Inner Edge with Takedowns for 2011+ Dodge Charger (Red Driver/Blue Passenger)

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Whelen Inner Edge® XLP Series model # IX34UFZ may be installed in the upper front windshield of the 2011 to 2014 Dodge Charger. The Inner Edge incorporates one driver-side and one passenger-side anodized, extruded aluminum, black powder-coated housings. Each housing contains five CON3™ Super-LED® modules with one inboard Super-LED take down light. The CON3 modules consist of three Super-LEDs with a metalized CON3 reflector with clear optic snap-on lens, installed on an Inner Edge mounting bracket. The take down lights consist of three Super-LEDs with a metalized CON3 reflector, installed on an Inner Edge mounting bracket. All electronic components conformal coated PC boards provide additional protection against environmental elements. The driver and passenger side assemblies are attached by a 27.5” loom harness.

The IX34UFZ has an electronic LC I/O board which is microprocessor controlled. The I/O board has built-in reverse polarity protection and output-short protection. The I/O board data bank includes 40 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns for the warning lights, including California steady burn and low power. The I/O board will allow the take down light to have three flash patterns, including steady burn. All light modules are installed using black passivate stainless steel screws. 

  • Voltage: +12v
  • Size of Each Housing: (Maximum Length) H 1.80”, W 13.33”, D 3.60”
  • Amp Draw: 0.38 Amps per Warning Modules;  0.38 Amps per Take Down Modules
  • Lens Color: Blue
  • Solid state lightbar is vibration resistant
  • Contains 20’ 9/c 18 gauge unterminated control cable
  • All electronic components are covered by a five year factory warranty
  • Includes a permanent mount kit with hardware

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