Whelen 100/200W Scan-Lock Self-Contained Siren/Switch

Whelen 100/200W Scan-Lock Self-Contained Siren/Switch

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Electronic siren and lights controller with 9 individually programmable switches and hard-wired microphone. Each of the 6 push buttons activate one 10 amp output. Slide switch activates a 20 amp circuit and can be wired, via a dip switch, to control a 3 position program pattern. The 6th position push-button may be dipswitch set for momentary, 8 second timer, latch-on/latch-off, or flasher modes.


  • 19 Scan-Lock Siren
  •  "Park-Kill" features disables the siren tone when the vehicle is in park
  • Timed-Out Relay for shotgun lock, trunk lock, etc and California tones
  • 5 year HDP (Heavy-Duty Professional) Warranty
  • Size, Control Head: 3-5/16" (84mm) H x 6" (152mm) W x 7" (178MM) D. Weight: 4-1/2 lbs., (2kg)

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