Whelen Epsilon Series Siren Amplifer with Light Control (100W and 200W)

Whelen Epsilon Series Siren Amplifer with Light Control (100W and 200W)

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The Epsilon Siren Series provides a wide range of features in a low cost siren that meets SAE Class A sound requirements and is California Title 13 compliant. Epsilon provides hands-free operation, public address, Scan-Lock™ multiple warning tones and real time Diagnostix!Full featured, self-contained electronic siren. Scan-Lock siren tone programming with nine tones to choose from, as well as harmonically rich composite airhorn tones. 7 position rotary switch function selector allows choice of standby for use with the manual button, manual tone 1 & 2. Hands-free position allows horn ring control inputs for operation of the siren and tone 1, 2 and 3 positions. Each tone position has an override tone when the manual button is depressed. Non-destructive short circuit protection and PA override. California Title 13 compliant profiles. Meets SAE Class A sound requirements when used with most 100 watt speakers.


  • 100 and 200 watt models
  • Hands-free operation from the vehicle steering wheel
  • Programmable outlets
  • Long lasting LED backlighting
  • Compact design, includes noise-cancelling microphone
  • Real time diagnostics indicator. When the indicator is steady, siren is operating correctly
  • If it single flashes, speaker is short circuited; and, if the indicator is off, speaker is under current
  • Scan-Lock switch is located on the rear for security to ensure all fleet sirens are set with the same tones
  • Installation package includes all the necessary mounting hardware and input pigtail connector
  • Front of unit provides a PA volume control knob for the noise-cancelling. microphone, On/Off switch, manual button and 7-position rotary switch
  • Easy to install
  • Pre-wired with quick disconnect plug for easy service and prompt replacement
  • Twenty-four month warranty Speaker diagnostic indicator
  • Full function 200 watts of output power with Radio Repeat (for up to two 100 watt speakers)
  • EPSL2S9 has a 4 position programmable slide switch and 6 On/Off lighted toggle switches
  • LED on indicator for each switch.

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